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How Large Health Brands Can Get Their Agencies Aligned

Even enterprise health brands have areas where they could tighten up their marketing operations. For example, many could benefit from sharing their integrated marketing strategy with their smaller agency partners. This could have a direct impact on the quality of their marketing efforts – and

Health Retail Products

10 Tips to Sell More Health Retail Products Online

We are continually inundated with ads and messaging for products of all kinds. As a health product retailer, it will be difficult to rise above the competition and get your health retail products in the hands of consumers that could benefit from them the most. 

Aging Consumers

Marketing “Functional Fitness” to the Aging Consumer

 It’s no secret that aging consumers tend to be a little more health-conscious after years of living not-so-healthy lifestyles. As we age, we realize the many aspects that are typical to impact our well-being and invest in foods, products. Even equipment that helps maintain or

Value Proposition

Does Your Wellness Product Have the Right Value Proposition?

You’re the owner of a fantastic health product, but you can’t figure out why it’s not selling as much as you would like. Besides the advertisement and messaging about your uber-healthy item, you can’t pinpoint why consumers aren’t noticing something that you believe is great.

SEO is Critical to Gaining More Fitness Customers

Believe it or not, health brands should be in tune with the tech world. I know you’re probably wondering why, but it’s essential to know some of the terminology and how specific processes work. Amongst all of the fanciful words out there, you need to