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Value Proposition

Does Your Wellness Product Have the Right Value Proposition?

You’re the owner of a fantastic health product, but you can’t figure out why it’s not selling as much as you would like. Besides the advertisement and messaging about your uber-healthy item, you can’t pinpoint why consumers aren’t noticing something that you believe is great.

SEO is Critical to Gaining More Fitness Customers

Believe it or not, health brands should be in tune with the tech world. I know you’re probably wondering why, but it’s essential to know some of the terminology and how specific processes work. Amongst all of the fanciful words out there, you need to

Fitness Equipment

Marketing Fitness Equipment to Consumer Segments

If you are an owner of a business that offers fitness equipment or services – I have a little secret for you. Have you ever wondered how smaller, new brands and other similar products end up on your social media feeds? Well, they use customer

Restaurant Marketing

Consumers Concerned – Market Clean, Healthy Ingredients

We all have the guilty pleasure of indulging in our favorite restaurants from time to time. Still, as the world moves towards a healthy life, it’s impossible to be profitable without a restaurant marketing your most nutritious options! Regardless of the world’s current circumstances, there’s

Food Attributes

Top Food Attributes that Sell to Health-Conscious Consumers

Health Brands – have you ever wondered what top ingredients customers look for when purchasing brands? If you haven’t, it’s something I recommend you research! Health-conscious consumers are becoming more familiar with how the nutrition market works, marking certain food attributes off their list when

Millennials and Boomers

Health Brands Should Message to Both Millennials & Boomers

\As a health brand, it’s essential to know the audience you are targeting. While it may seem logical to target those who are highly interested in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, you may be surprised to hear that your message should target millennials and

Health-Conscious Consumers Skeptical

Quit Making Health-Conscious Consumers Skeptical

The healthy living arena is steadily growing, with a variety of products readily available for consumers to purchase. As owners of health-related businesses, it’s essential to be wary of how products any of your brand’s products present to the public. In laymen’s terms: quit making

Wellness Marketing

How to Sell More Health & Wellness Products With Status

Health and wellness products are one of the most lucrative industries, In 2021, it isn’t going to change much. Consumers are continuously looking for the next best product to aid in weight loss, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or provide improvements to their not so healthy

Response vs engagement

Customer Response vs. Engagement

All health brands are looking for the best metrics to evaluate just how well they’re gaining more customers, and ultimately, more revenue. But, a large piece of the formula lies in understanding response versus engagement. Most business owners are confused by both terms and why