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Value Proposition

Creating a Magnetic Health Brand Value Proposition

Your value proposition says everything about your health brand. Choosing a compelling one takes time, research, and the ability to find the perfect medium between what health consumers want and what your health brand can provide.  If you’ve yet to figure out what an effective

Overlooked Marketing Metrics for Lead Generation

Overlooked Marketing Metrics for Lead Generation

While you might be measuring some of the more common metrics, like click-through rate, cost per click, or more specific to lead generation—cost per lead and lead volume—chances are there are a few terms you might have altogether forgotten about.  The truth is, one of

health and wellness marketing

How to Market Your Health & Wellness Offerings in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a big divide of winners and losers in the health and wellness business. Now more than ever, marketers are starved for health promotion ideas that work. The short answer to how to market wellness products? Direct response advertising. It’s essential

Marketing budget allocation

Marketing Budget Allocation

To effectively manage your marketing budget it takes a very tailored approach that leverages data to get your money in the best positions to attract customers, decrease your marketing cost, and skyrocket your ROI.