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Focus and Transparency: Key Elements of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is everywhere, and if your fitness or health brand isn’t taking full advantage of this effective branding and advertising technique, then your business will not thrive as it could. To get the most from your digital marketing efforts, pay relentless attention to tagging

How Large Health Brands Can Get Their Agencies Aligned

Even enterprise health brands have areas where they could tighten up their marketing operations. For example, many could benefit from sharing their integrated marketing strategy with their smaller agency partners. This could have a direct impact on the quality of their marketing efforts – and

Inbound Links for Health Brand

How to Ask for High-Quality InBound Links for Health Brand SEO

Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, is an essential part of a business to gain visibility, brand recognition, and eventual score sales. Whether it’s through making sure you have the correct metatags on your website or incorporating inbound links for your SEO strategy –

Consumer Segment

Health Consumer Segments

Regardless of the industry, there will always be a set of consumer segments that require your attention. Consumer segments are a group categorization of your target audience member – it practically allows marketers to communicate products or services depending on the belief and messaging that

Health and Wellness Markerters

How Health and Wellness Marketers Should Utilize Social Media?

Why Does Social Media Matter to the Health and Wellness Industry? With a flood of health and wellness marketers and providers in the market, standing out from the crowded space is essential, even for well-established health brands. As social media platforms have exploded by 93%

The 7 Keys to Wellness Center Marketing

With over 20,000 health and wellness centers in the United States alone, it’s not easy to become a standout name. Not without a plan. Unless you have a prominent health brand that is a household name, standing out in the saturated marketing place can be