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About Ken

In 1996, I started my direct marketing career as a DRTV product scout in a direct marketing agency.  I searched all over the US and Europe for new, inventive products to bring to mass markets. Direct response marketing is fascinating with all its math, analytics, and techniques.

I was hooked.

In 2001, I opened Response Mine, working with storied health companies like Liberty Medical, The Scooter Store, and retailers like The Home Depot Staples, and dozens more.

In 2012, my wife and I were jolted onto new paths for our health. I was 329lbs and in chronic pain, and my wife developed breast cancer.  Since then, we have taken a new charge of our health. We changed our diets, started improving our nutrition through fresh juices and supplements, and today, we are both healthy. At 55, I have more energy and vitality than I did in my twenties.

It was then that I realized there is a new market of health products and services rising up to serve the new consumer health consciousness.

New health consumerism spans from nutraceuticals, supplements, and protein powders, to health devices like Vitamixes and juicers, to even a newfound aspiration for adding vitality and mindfulness into our lives. Not to mention the wearables and new fitness devices and services.

The era of medicating ourselves – into comfort; into health;­­ and tolerating the adulteration of our food through GMOs and over-processing – has passed.

Marketing directly for customers is powerful. By tracking and testing, you can refine your efficiency and grow your volume to scale your company.  The data informs you to be able to make better decisions. Direct response techniques give you a panoply of tactics to apply to reach your best customers online and offline, and the Internet levels the playing field for direct-to-consumer companies.

With newfound vigor and a new appreciation for what it takes to live longer and with vitality, I decided to commit our agency to health. We live every day to apply our direct marketing and DTC expertise to help expand health in this country. This blog is dedicated to offering my best advice on how to grow your company through better marketing (and sometimes some business wisdom born of my bruises).

At Response Mine Health we apply direct response and digital marketing to help health retailers and those in health products & services grow their sales.

We provide a range of digital marketing services from search, social, and display to Amazon feed optimization, landing page conversion testing, and more. With over ninety associates located in Atlanta, we would love the opportunity to help you bring more health to Americans. Call me at 404-475-0777, and let’s talk.