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Customer Reviews

Managing Reviews for Your Local Health Brand

Internet reviews are equivalent to first impressions; when we meet someone for the first time, we remember their words, gestures, and attitudes. Similar to the first interaction with someone new, individuals encounter the same scenario via reviews. It’s the impression one can gather by the

Hashtag Strategy for Marketing Health Brands

Social media marketing can be a breeze, but sometimes it can be a headache to figure out the perfect formula for best results. More often than not, plans are created without one of the essential elements to make it successful – a hashtag strategy. That’s right; it’s

Ignored Metrics that Produce Long-Term Value

Ignored Metrics that Produce Long-Term Value

Monitor All Metrics – Even the Small Ones There are a ton of e-commerce marketing metrics that you’re constantly forced to pay attention to when it comes to your health brand. With the big players like click-through rate (CTR), return on advertising spending (ROAS), and average

young pediatric doctor performing checkup on happy male child with smiling mother present

5 Examples of Brilliant Healthcare Marketing

What are some examples of Brilliant Healthcare marketing? 2020 has presented unique challenges for every industry, and healthcare has been tasked with rising to the challenge of both working the front lines of COVID-19 while continuing to provide for the everyday health needs of the

Value Proposition

Creating a Magnetic Health Brand Value Proposition

Your value proposition says everything about your health brand. Choosing a compelling one takes time, research, and the ability to find the perfect medium between what health consumers want and what your health brand can provide.  If you’ve yet to figure out what an effective

Healthcare Branding 5 Ways to Make Your Company Stand Out

Healthcare Branding: 5 Ways to Make Your Company Stand Out

I’ve spoken at length about the dangers of relying on branding as the sole driver of customer acquisition marketing engines. And I stand by that. Branding alone isn’t sufficient to drive patient or customer acquisition at a cost that will help you scale your business. 

Overlooked Marketing Metrics for Lead Generation

Overlooked Marketing Metrics for Lead Generation

While you might be measuring some of the more common metrics, like click-through rate, cost per click, or more specific to lead generation—cost per lead and lead volume—chances are there are a few terms you might have altogether forgotten about.  The truth is, one of