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Sink or Swim: Cookie-less Marketing Strategy in Fitness & Health

Fitness and health brands must pivot and adapt in order to survive the harsh realities of a cookie-less digital world. Large companies such as Google and Apple have recently instituted policies and mandates against tracking with third-party cookies, and businesses have been scrambling to come

How Fitness Health Brands use Marketing to Grow Membership

To ensure your business thrives in the sometimes-hostile territory of the fitness and health industry, you need to grow your membership base using finely tuned digital marketing. Digital marketing can cut through the chatter, making sure you’re leveraging what you have by analyzing advertising data

Response vs engagement

Customer Response vs. Engagement

All health brands are looking for the best metrics to evaluate just how well they’re gaining more customers, and ultimately, more revenue. But, a large piece of the formula lies in understanding response versus engagement. Most business owners are confused by both terms and why

Customer Review Management Platforms

Health Brands can’t afford to be passive about customer reviews! Your review volume and quality is either hurting or helping your business. The problem is, for you to grow reviews, manually checking them just doesn’t scale. Whether they’re flattering words of recognition or jaw-clenching comments,

Customer Reviews

Managing Reviews for Your Local Health Brand

Internet reviews are equivalent to first impressions; when we meet someone for the first time, we remember their words, gestures, and attitudes. Similar to the first interaction with someone new, individuals encounter the same scenario via reviews. It’s the impression one can gather by the


Hashtag Strategy for Marketing Health Brands

Social media marketing can be a breeze, but sometimes it can be a headache to figure out the perfect formula for best results. More often than not, plans are created without one of the essential elements to make it successful – a hashtag strategy. That’s right; it’s