How Large Health Brands Can Get Their Agencies Aligned

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Even enterprise health brands have areas where they could tighten up their marketing operations. For example, many could benefit from sharing their integrated marketing strategy with their smaller agency partners. This could have a direct impact on the quality of their marketing efforts – and the success of their business.

How can my enterprise brand make this happen?

 One of the best ways to align multiple agencies under your brand is to share direction and clarity about your brand’s tone – and make sure all the agencies understand it. You may ask, “How will this help?” Well, having a consistent tone in your branding and messaging can help customers connect all of your products and services.

You should also consider creating a cloud-based intranet, or some sort of sharing area, to relay updates on brand guidelines, new standards, tactics, messaging, etc., to your agency partners. Having a resource center with easy access for all agencies will help achieve your primary objective of having a unified brand.

What if my business has different products and services? How do I create consistent branding?

Johnson and Johnson is a great example of a large enterprise that successfully uses multiple agencies to help market a wide variety of products and services. Whether the company is marketing medical devices, vaccines or day-to-day consumer products, it’s clear that they are geared toward protecting your health and well-being. Successful businesses have a well-defined key objective, and you can see this with Johnson and Johnson’s efforts to play a significant role in the health space.

The health insurance provider Cigna is another example of a company that makes an impact by providing multiple ways for the public to obtain medical coverage. Like Johnson and Johnson, they work with their partner agencies to ensure they have a consistent message and tone – “Our mission is to improve your health, wellness and peace of mind” – across all their offerings.

Defining your company’s key objectives will be a huge help in giving your partner agencies the tools they need to remain on-brand with their messaging and marketing.

How can I accelerate the process?

 Face-to-face immersion sessions with your agency partners is a great way to relay essential marketing strategies across all fronts. In return, those agencies are more likely to function in a manner that aligns your enterprise. Look to find and nurture those who are loyal your company in the various agencies who provide marketing support for your products and services.

It’s essential for all your partner agencies to be creative in your marketing across multiple channels. The goal is to keep your marketing unique yet consistent, which is easier to do if you bring all your partner agencies into alignment on your overall strategy.