Using Lead Magnets to Get More Health Conscious Customers

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Yes, that’s right – using magnets is a way to get more customers; of course, not metal magnets that you put on refrigerators, but a call to action that attracts people to your business. 

What is an example of a lead magnet, and how can I use them to market?

In the world of marketing, there are tons of ways to attract potential customers to your business. Most health marketers try to go for the pay-per-click ads and social media boosts, but what if I tell you there’s another way to gain traction for free?  Well, keep reading because there I have a few ways for you to take your health and wellness business to the next level. 

For starters, the goal of lead magnets is a term in the marketing world used to gain prospect customers’ contact information and ultimately generate sales leads. Typically, what’s used is a free item or service to entice individuals into purchasing even more products or services. 

The image above is an example of how Hello Fresh, a brand that focuses on providing its customers easy-to-make, healthy entrees, uses a magnet to attract those interested in becoming long-term loyal customers. 

Just like a metal magnet, a lead magnet is typically used to lure people in because it helps them get a taste of your business or product without entirely investing in it – which for someone who is on the fence, may be a deal-breaker (in the right direction). 

Here’s a list of other popular lead magnets you may typically see in the health and wellness realm: 

  • Free trials
  • Free Samples
  • Free consultations 
  • Free video classes or courses 
  • Free e-books 

If you own a product-based business, free samples may work a letter better; if it’s service-based, for instance, you’re a certified exercise trainer, look into maybe giving prospective clients a free consultation to analyze which workout plan is best for them! 

Now that I know what a lead magnet is, how do I use it creatively to create lead generation?

As you can see, lead magnets are just another fancy term for freebies; but it’s up to you to get creative for your health and wellness business. My best advice – don’t overthink it. Marketing is about trial and error, so creating the perfect lead magnet for your business may take some time before you start to generate results. 

Be patient – use analytical tools to track which lead magnets are getting the most engagement, then apply what you learn!