The Expansion of Google Phrase Match and What it Means for Wellness Marketing

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Here soon, Google Phrase Match will significantly change its process that can heavily impact those in the wellness business. Beginning in July, Google will expand to cover broad match modifier keywords regarding the word order and meaning. 

What does all of this mean by Google Phrase Match?

The expansion of phrase match in paid search can work against the efforts wellness marketers put in to reach their audience members. To break it down into simpler terms, keep reading for the example I provide next. 

If someone were to search “local wellness stores in Charlotte North Carolina” or “Charlotte North Carolina wellness stores,” then the top-ranked locations will be available for selection. But here’s the catch, phrase matches will only show under those specific words, in that order. In contrast, before, if a potential customer were to search “wellness stores in Charlotte,”. There’s a good chance that your health and wellness business will populate, too. So, in laymen’s terms, Google is striving to eliminate unwanted reverse searches. 

As a marketer, what do I do next to ensure my organization gets the most visibility?

To create your solution to this problem, it’s good to know the two main assets you will be losing: visibility and keyword search. So, moving forward, marketers should follow a few key steps to ensure their business is getting the exposure it needs on Google after the new plan is implemented. 

Be sure to research your audience before editing or applying any keywords. Try to tally up the words that gain the most traction and visibility. Another way to capture what words customers are using is through a survey. Keep it simple and ask how they found you via Google. Most customers are willing to share their experiences to get to your business, so use it to your advantage! Finally, work on getting your health and wellness brand to the top of the google search using an excellent SEO strategy or inbound links with credible, trustworthy websites related to your product or service. Check out our latest article on inbound links for more help!

Opportunities are still there for you to reach the audience; you just have to make a few adjustments along the way to get the best results.