Focus and Transparency: Key Elements of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is everywhere, and if your fitness or health brand isn’t taking full advantage of this effective branding and advertising technique, then your business will not thrive as it could.

To get the most from your digital marketing efforts, pay relentless attention to tagging and tracking, use imagery and creative approaches to hook potential customers, and leverage the heck out of your primary media partners to swell your database.

Set up your marketing approach

The more straightforward and honest you are with potential customers about the costs and benefits they get from each payment, whether membership or a package deal, the more clients you will sign up.

You need, more than anything else, to have a clear goal in mind. Digital marketing, especially in a landscape such as the health and wellness industry (which changes all the time), can be a difficult place to keep one’s footing. A decisive goal is like a beacon in a storm and can help you keep your focus at all times.

Transparency also helps you retain customers and turn them into repeat clients. List amenities, benefits and services on the homepage of your website, and make sure key information like hours, classes or products are clear with all relevant links updated.

This may seem elementary, but small details like these can turn a first-time visitor into a returning customer. People appreciate straightforwardness, especially from businesses.

Capture your customer

Like anything else, digital marketing is a learned skill, and practice makes perfect. You wouldn’t be able to play Mozart’s Sonata #13 after only a week of piano lessons, so you shouldn’t expect to be an expert at digital marketing after only a short while.

You can use all sorts of tools to hone your digital marketing, including merging tags during email marketing campaigns so the data you need for analytics will be automatically collected.

Collect accurate data

Tagging and tracking are integral to any website’s success. Tracking tags, also referred to as UTM codes, are sections of code attached to a site’s URL address to offer deeper dives into user behavior and analytics.

An expert can help you decide what kind of data will help your business the most, and you can structure your tracking to deliver intensive reports. It’s crucial to hook site visitors with an email capture to track who visits your website and how they found you.

Make your marketing fresh

In a post-capitalist consumer world, many customers are sick of the same old advertising lines. It takes a fresh perspective to make a tired web-surfer look twice, and a creative and new approach is just what you need.

Once you’re in an active dialogue with a potential customer or client, you can use various marketing techniques to secure the relationship while building trust. As long as you have your customers’ best interests at heart and not just your bottom line, if you’re honest about what you can offer, you’ll see your sales begin to swell.

Here are some ways to keep your marketing fresh:

Vivid imagery: To make an impression, you first have to catch their eye. Use contrasting colors and interesting artistic arrangements to make a solid first impression.

Education-based approach: Logos is a rhetorical tactic put forth by Aristotle that dictates using a logic-based approach to win your audience over.  By using facts, figures and other evidence, you can undisputedly prove that your business, in the vast galaxy of options in the health and fitness industry, is the ideal choice.

Problem-solution headlines: One of the most effective tactics you can use to grab the attention of people who happen upon your website is to write problem-solution headlines. This style of headline states a generalized ill of the industry, with a quick and punchy resolution, like this: “Not Enough Clicks? You Need Better PR.” When you write these headlines, your aim isn’t to sell your service or product; it’s to entice the reader to keep reading.

Primary media partners: Facebook, Instagram and Google are media giants, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage them in the same way you would any other tool at your disposal. Using copious amounts of hashtags with original content and eye-catching visuals is one of the many ways you can make Facebook work for you.

Geo-targeting: If you are a location-based business, you will benefit from geo-tagging posts on Facebook and Instagram. Growing a clientele locally is an excellent way to attract loyal customers, and if you geo-tag your posts, your business will start popping up more frequently on local peeps’ feeds.

Build Facebook audiences: When actively working your digital marketing muscles, you should envision the audience you want to reach and craft any marketing material directly at those users. The worst use of your time and resources is to try and get billions of users instead of those who would make the most impact on your business profile. A specific audience is vital to a successful marketing campaign.

Collect data for analytics

Once you have employed all of the marketing tools available to you, the most critical piece of the puzzle is to use the information you gather. Weekly updates and assessments are essential, so populate an Excel worksheet to streamline the information and keep an eye on it.

Act on the information you gather as well. You can compare and contrast the efficacy of certain ads, for instance, leveraging the more popular ones by dedicating more of your budget to them and cutting the unsuccessful ads altogether.

The final word

Your approach should be comprehensive and your intent pure when you embark on a digital marketing campaign. Keep a clear goal in mind, aim at a specific audience and leverage all of the tools at your disposal, even those provided by media behemoths like Instagram or Google.

The most important part is capturing potential customers’ email and contact information to add to your database. Once you have that capture, you can include the customer in giveaways, contests or reach-outs.

More than specialized skills or insider knowledge, having a solid grasp on digital marketing, especially in the ever-changing fitness and wellness industry, is about remaining consistent and clear. Your customers will sense your transparency, and they will reward you for it with their business and loyalty.