Marketing “Functional Fitness” to the Aging Consumer

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 It’s no secret that aging consumers tend to be a little more health-conscious after years of living not-so-healthy lifestyles. As we age, we realize the many aspects that are typical to impact our well-being and invest in foods, products. Even equipment that helps maintain or better our health.

While some companies take the time to market a different strategy for aging consumers, companies selling nutritional foods tend to do so with the concept of “functional foods” – or foods that can provide some type of performance or benefit. Which, if you think about it, is a great way to gain traction on your healthy food products.

Why should I market the performance associated with my products? 

Every business has to market something that makes them stand out to a competitor – so why not use a tactic that you know works? It’s evident that people of old age are looking for ways to regain their energy or take any supplement that helps them feel young again, so marketing to tailor the needs of those that have that feeling isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

Above is an example Life Extension, a health and wellness company. The product above is a dietary supplement that targets energy management and immune support,  It mainly combatting fatigue and maintaining energy levels for those who consume it. Besides the actual name of the company (which, if I were a customer I would assume that their products are supposed to help me live a long, healthy life).  The description on the website is a clear indicator of the audience they intend to use their products. 

The best part about this example is that it categorizes the supplements under energy management and immune support; when clicked it will redirect the consumer to other products that aids those health concerns. 

What if I have other reasons for selling my product?

If there’s one thing I learned in the world of business.  It is that you can not have too many propositions to sell! Whether you have a fitness product coupled with hard facts and testimonials as to why it’s great for older adults, or you have a meal plan that is packed with all of the nutrition needed to sustain energy, increase mobility and stress, and live with less pain – use it to market to your audience! 

Try not to be discouraged by the millions of competitors out there. Share your product’s advantages and emphasis the results in your advertisements to lure aging customers to your business. Perhaps include an image of aging adults in your advertisements. Present any message that will resonate with potential customers, and it will guarantee the business growth and revenue you seek.  

Position your product as the ultimate solution for aging consumers. And your product will easily stand out against its competitors as a go-to product for the future!