Using Trust Badges to Sell More Health-Conscious Sales

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 No matter how big or small a business is, one of the only ways it can steadily gain or keep its customers is through trust and transparency. If you take a minute to think about it, we purchase items or services based on how we feel about them every day. You may prefer to buy a pair of sneakers from Nike over ones from an unknown brand, or you may want to use Tresemme’s shampoo versus another shampoo with little reputation. 

Sure, those brands are more prominent, but more importantly, they have demonstrated they can be trustworthy. You trust that Nike’s shoes will be durable, and you trust Tresemme’s shampoo to clean your hair – otherwise, you wouldn’t spend so much time and money purchasing products from these companies. 

How do I build trust with current and potential customers?

Like any relationship, building trust with your customers will take patience, time, and effort. By catering to your customer’s needs with excellent customer service and being transparent about every aspect of your business, it should happen in no time. 

But, if you’re genuinely looking for fast results. I suggest you look into earning a trust badge. Especially for those that sell consumable, health-based products.

What’s a trust badge, and how do I get one?

A trust badge is a logo or emblem found on products approved by reputable associations, government agencies or received rewards because of the quality. The image above is provided by Revive, a company that sells pure essential oils for aromatherapy. According to their website, it’s backed by the USDA (The United States Department of Agriculture). The USDA trust badge is excellent to include because it insinuates that some aspect of the government is monitoring it. And also has the government’s approval to sell to consumers.  

For those looking for a business-to-business trust badge, perhaps those who own a private wellness practice should look into an accreditation from Better Business Burea or other awards that are closely associated with the services you offer. 

Where should I place the logos or trust badges? 

If you sell some type of product like vitamins or a wellness tea. I would recommend placing the logos on the lower side near the front of your brand – that way. It will grab the attention of shoppers when browsing products. If it’s a service, placing the logo of an organization your business is a part of. Or an image of an award on the window before clients come in would be awesome. Mentioning on the website near your contact information or close to testimonials is another great way of making that visible. 

Remember, this process is just like any relationship – it takes time and effort. But luckily, at the end of it all, your hard work will earn you confidence.  Loyal consumer is eager to purchase your excellent products or services.