Steal from Pharma! Market Health Brands Around Chronic Diseases

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Yes, you read the title correctly. But by stealing, I don’t mean stealing; I want you to use Pharma as a form of a guide to learn the basics on how to market your growing health brand.

Why would I want to use Pharma, and how is this beneficial for my business?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “don’t reinvent the wheel if it’s already there,” if so, what I am about to explain is a similar concept. Pharma has one of the best playbooks that helps small health brands learn how to market their services, products, and overall business in various ways. What’s the best part, you ask? Well, there’s a playbook with over 100 different cases, tips, and other helpful information to assist you as you learn to dominate the health realm with your brand! 

I want you to take a moment and think about this scenario as if you are the business owner adopting a new approach. Let’s say you own a small health brand that sells action-packed vitamins that help those who suffer from chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, or maybe even arthritis. Your product is terrific, but it’s not selling much because you don’t understand how marketing works. You decide to purchase the Pharm Playbook to learn more about digital marketing strategies for health brands – fast forward six months later, you surpassed your annual revenue goal. 

I know you’re thinking, “well, this could happen at any given time with any well-established resource.” But trust me when I say, Pharma has a phenomenal track record of helping small businesses grow into the potential they have. Through the playbook, you can learn how to properly make FDA claims so that your products have more creditability over your competitors and gain loyal customers. 

The Pharma playbook also focuses on creating problem solution commercials and curating advertisements that focus on benefits. 

Above is an example of a popular brand named Kind Bar, found in many health-based and local general stores. They do a pretty good job at allowing people to pick their products based on the benefits, which is pretty much what the Pharma playbook emphasizes when addressing how to use your benefits as a marketing strategy. 

There are millions of ways to move forward with marketing techniques, but I can say that Pharma is one of the most credible resources to use for help. Whether it’s marketing to elders about living a more fulfilling life with their grandkids or speaking to the general public about incorporating dietary supplements to prevent chronic diseases, I recommend adopting a few practices to get your business off the ground and in the playing field with other competitors!