Focus on Benefits When Marketing to the Health-Conscious Consumer 

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Benefits: the continuous attraction to practically anything in life. We are always looking for a service, a product, a business, a relationship, or a job advantageous to us. Some are deeply rooted in the desire to satisfy our guilty pleasures, like eating ice cream on a Sunday afternoon, while others search for things like healthy vitamin brands to aid in health initiatives. Either way, it’s evident that it’s the main focus for everyone, especially when using our own money to obtain it.

How do you use a company’s benefits while marketing? 

Before diving deeper into the topic, I want everyone to understand one thing: marketing your business’ benefits does not mean you should brag about the perks of purchasing from your company. There’s a thin line a marketer must walk on. So it’s crucial to be cautious of the tone used when creating messages. One of the biggest mistakes I find on websites is the loud, “pick me” advertisements. It leads into a product or service. Consumers want to know about your product, but they also want to understand your brand, what it stands for, its values, and even how the business treats customers; the product or service is only on part of the entire transaction experience. 

It’s also beneficial to talk about how the product can benefit a customer in the short term and long term. Mention the product or service, but add value to your message by associating a benefit with it. The example below is of a raw organic product by Garden of Life that fuels your body with a lot of proteins. I chose this example because it not only mentions the part of it is organic and filled with proteins, but it also mentions how many proteins are found within the product, along with the added benefit of burning fat, satisfying hunger, and fighting cravings. 

How can I convince my leadership team to market this way? 

Trust me, I understand it can be a little difficult to get everyone on the same page. So next time your leadership team asks you why this method or tactic may be more efficient, ask them: “why should someone choose to buy from us over all their options, are we including what makes us different?” Use these thought-provoking questions to get them to think outside of the box. More often than not, businesses tend to forget what it’s like to stand in a consumer’s shoes; so it’s essential to remember how we like to feel as consumers – that same feeling should help guide marketing efforts

The more you can provide a consumer upfront, the better your chances of winning their hearts over.