Does Your Wellness Product Have the Right Value Proposition?

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You’re the owner of a fantastic health product, but you can’t figure out why it’s not selling as much as you would like. Besides the advertisement and messaging about your uber-healthy item, you can’t pinpoint why consumers aren’t noticing something that you believe is great. It’s because your product lacks the right value proposition. 

What is a value proposition, and how is it relevant to my product? 

A right value proposition is the dominant unique benefit for buying from your business. As consumers, we constantly search for products that satisfy some aspect of our life. Typically, it falls into one of three categories: something we want, something we need, or even a goal we are trying to attain. 

People look for products that fit their primary purpose for purchasing. Also having a standout quality is imperative to generate more sales. If health brands spent more time promoting a product’s uniqueness that resonates with its consumers, your product would eventually gain traction. 

What if my product has more than one benefit? 

If your product has more than one benefit, mention it! Every person is not in the market for the same reason; you want to reach out to as many customers as possible.

The example above is a screenshot of a popular athletic clothing line, lululemon. As you can see, the brand gives those looking for clothing tailored to specific activity a chance to search for an item that best fits their needs. Trust me, if this well-known brand can find it in themselves to target a variety of customers, so can you. 

I got it; I can add more benefits – what else do I do to make sure my products have a high-value proposition? 

The list is endless – make sure you highlight why your product is the best product for consumers. Analyze your consumers, find out what they want to see, and then tailor your marketing strategies to fulfill their requirements. Ensure people know that your product is one of the best products, and provide practical reasons to support your notion. If you’re wondering what are other ways to increase your customer interactions and brand loyalty. Look into adding a factor that resonates with a person. Lululemon uses a community-feel foundation for its website. So its customers can learn new exercises and read stories with like-minded individuals. Other businesses consider having memberships that provide perks for those who continuously purchase products. 

There is no perfect way to increase your right value proposition, but with a little digging and creativity, you can find something to best suit your health brand!