Use the Fast Food Trend to Market Health

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Since March of 2020, our world has changed at a highly rapid pace. Life as we use to know it is, well, different. Although vaccination sites and overall immunity to the virus are ramping up, it doesn’t mean that some things that we were accustomed to doing will ever be the same, again. 

Work from home and remote positions are increasing by the day, and from the looks of research – I don’t think it’s going anywhere, anytime soon. So, in other words, there may be fewer “in-office” days and more time at home – which is great for most but can weigh a toll on individuals who are health conscious. 

How can I use Fast Food to Market My Products?

As mentioned earlier, working from home can be a huge benefit since it provides more of a work/life balance. However, it can also lead many to purchase fast food because more time is available or overconsume food, and the sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help.

With more people leaning towards less human contact due to the virus, fast food chains are reigning, and as you can imagine, many are falling into the cycle of unhealthy food.

The image above is an image of Wendy’s Spicy Caesar Chicken Salad that carries a loaded 720 calories (not including the dressings). The image below is a list of Smoothie King’s smoothies and their calories.

Now that you see your competition, you can position your health brand as a solution to the average remote worker looking at ways to stay healthy! 

How do I pitch my product or service? 

Use facts and address the current fast food trend. To believe what you’re saying, you have to be willing to provide extra details and a little research. 

After you point out the whopping amount of calories, sugars, and salt, these so-called healthy fast food options have to make sure to counter that with why your product will make a difference in their lives. Whether it’s an aid in lowering weight, a tasty yet healthy lunch, or just another way you are receiving all of your proteins, make sure you provide the why to your products. 

Your product should be a way people “balance out” their work from home lifestyle and maybe even provide a convenience that helps support families. 

Health brands should use this moment to grow their brands as an alternative to a healthier lifestyle during the pandemic.