3 Reasons the Health Shutdown is Boon for Health Brands

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With the COVID-19 pandemic at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it may not seem like the time for your business to have more success. But the truth is, with the health shutdowns happening from coronavirus, it is a perfect time for your health brand to succeed. Below are three reasons that the health shutdown due to COVID-19 is actually a boon for your health brand.

Healthy lifestyles are more important than ever

With a virus causing health concerns, especially for people who have underlying or pre-existing health conditions, or for those who are at higher risk, people who do not have these conditions are starting to realize the importance of their health. This means that people are going to be focusing on their lifestyle and personal health more than they did before the pandemic.

What does this mean?

Exercising, eating clean, and having an overall healthier lifestyle to avoid creating these avoidable “underlying conditions” will be promoted more and taken more seriously. They will be searching for products and services that your health brand offers and purchasing more from you.

Of course, there are some specific health and wellness products that will definitely see a surge in sales because of this virus. People will be, and already are, searching for home respiratory aids such as steam inhalers, infusers, and room humidifiers. But you don’t need to sell these specific products to be a winner in the health and wellness sphere.

Things such as vitamin C supplements, zinc, and even organic teas and tonic water should see surges in sales now, too. Pay attention to what areas your products help in. And make sure to highlight what people care more about right now related to COVID-19 conditions.

The one caveat with this is that your brand needs to watch out for more FDA and FTC scrutiny–make sure to be extra cautious. You don’t want to get a bad reputation or seem like a brand that takes advantage of customers. Use this time to market more than you ever have before, but be compliant with your claims.

People care about self-care

Another result from the way the world is that we are living in right now is that people are and will continue to be placing a greater emphasis on self-care. While no one ever wants to have to go to the hospital. With there being a greater risk at hospitals that are full of COVID-19 patients. People especially don’t want to end up with a health issue sending them in around infected patients. 

2018 IRI data showed the beginning of this trend; 56% of people surveyed said that they would try an over-the-counter product to try to help their condition before calling a doctor. With COVID-19 being in our population and not going away anytime soon. People are more and more willing to try products to help them before stepping foot into a doctor’s office or hospital.

Practicing efficient self-care is attainable, and people know that COVID-19 will be around in our population for a while. This creates a greater emphasis on self-care so that people will become a healthier version of themself. Who hopefully won’t have to worry about being sent to a hospital for a health condition.

With your potential customers currently being quarantined at home. They will be searching for self-care products to use in the comfort of their own home not only now. But in the future. Statistica shows that personal care segment’s user penetration is currently at 33.3% in 2020 and is expected to hit 42.7% by 2024. Think of how your brand can showcase not only what its products do for consumer’s health. But also how it helps create a form of personal and self-care for them.

Ecommerce is mainstream for the masses

Ecommerce has been growing in popularity for years. But now that many brick-and-mortar businesses are forced to close. It is really becoming mainstream for the masses and laggards.

There hasn’t been a better time than now to really focus on creating that direct relationship with your target consumers. Whether they are health enthusiasts, self-care and supplement consumers. Or even families looking to focus more on health. And get away from the restaurant scene with too many unhealthy options. They are all online right now. Think about it, Bath & Body Works had to shutter for a month or two. That means your organic and natural self-care products can compete on a level playing field on the internet.

Recent data shows that health and wellness brands‘ eCommerce consumer sales have increased almost 85% since COVID-19. By capitalizing on consumer’s current and future needs for their health and wellness. Your health brand can truly reach and sell to more people than ever before.