How Your Health Brand Creative Needs to Change After COVID-19

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In today’s health crisis due to COVID-19, your health brand needs to pay extra attention to their marketing and brand presence. The way that your health brand creative presents itself during and after this pandemic will have to change from how it did before COVID-19.

While you do not need to do a full brand redesign or change your brand voice completely, there are some things to take into consideration with your brand creative.

Focus less on features and more on benefits

First, it is important to understand what your product or service features are versus their benefits.

A feature is an aspect of your product, whereas a benefit is an outcome a customer will get from using the product. For example, a feature of gummy multivitamins sell is that they are raspberry flavored. A benefit of the gummy multivitamins is that they are easy to consume and digest to get into the system better. To be customer-centric, you want to focus on benefits more than features.

Highlight more healthy Brand Creative lifestyle

With the concerns of certain people being more susceptible to COVID-19 due to underlying or higher-risk health conditions, people are even more concerned with being healthy than they already were before the pandemic. 

By highlighting how your health brand’s products will help and encourage consumers to have an overall healthier lifestyle, people will pay attention. Showcase the health benefits customers will receive when they use your product or service, so they feel good and confident in their purchase for their overall health.

Make sure that you show it’s about more than just being healthy. It’s about staying healthy to avoid the unavoidable “underlying conditions” that can make them more endangered to COVID-19 or any other viruses, even the common cold or flu that is always in our society.

Show themes of family and safety

Being customer-centric in your health brand creative means that you have to focus on the customer and their care-about. One of the most important things your consumers care about. Especially right now and in the future, is the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

A recent survey shows that about 45% of respondents are extremely concerned about a family member getting infected with Coronavirus/COVID-19, compared to only about 28% being concerned about getting infected with the virus themself.

What does this mean for you? By showing that your brand cares not only about its customer. But also helping to keep their family safe as well. You are helping to unburden one of their greatest fears.

Communicate your brand’s hygiene and quality control processes

Consumers care about how you create and manufacture your products–especially now that they are worried about any virus contamination. 

Make your hygiene and quality control manufacturing processes easily accessible for consumers to find when researching your health brand. By being transparent and highlighting the precautions you take for your employees’ and customers’ health and safety. You will become a more trustworthy and reputable company. 

Connect with consumers

In a time where everyone is apart more than ever before, we are also more connected than ever. Take the time to show that you are connecting with your consumers through your health brand. And is being a part of the people who are bringing us all together, even if not physically. 

Show themes of connectedness and how no one is ever alone–even at home. Get creative with ways to get consumers to connect to your brand. Whether it’s through a special brand-specific hashtag to share on social media or creating virtual events for customers. Have fun with it, and show how we’re all in this together.

How can your health brand Creative keep its customers safe?

Overall, all of the changes that your health brand creative needs to make after COVID-19. Go back to one specific, important question that every consumer has: “How does your health brand keep me safe?”

This is not about simply showing the features of your products. It is about communicating the features of your products to show consumers. How they will help them and their families stay safe and healthy. All this about is being transparent in your messaging about your brand’s product creation and manufacturing process, including how and why you get products made and delivered to them, all to make their lives better and easier.