7 Advanced SEO Tactics to Drive Health Brand Rankings and Sales

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So you’re doing SEO and it’s going “okay” but you’re frustrated that some competitors really own your core health product keywords through different SEO tactics. Here are some more advanced techniques for you to pull those rankings up and start commanding top spot levels of new customer traffic.

1-Build more high-quality backlinks.

Google’s algorithm is still based upon having authoritative links referencing your important, relevant keywords. 


2-Learn to write with “bucket brigades” to keep people on your site

This is an amazing technique for keeping people on your site. Essentially every piece of content on your website should have keywords that link to other pieces of content just like when I reference selling on Amazon.

3-Write copy that is compelling and not just keywords

One of the lowest quality things you can do is to overstuff keywords into articles. Just a sprinkle is all you need. Focus more on making the article compelling, interesting and engaging. Tell a story about your product and the health benefits to the consumer. Quality content about your products and services is one of the best SEO tactics and strategy unto itself.

4-Audit & eliminate common mistakes

(404s, poor meta tags, meta tags on photos, etc. and architecture). Over time these creep in because of site and sitemap changes. Every year you need a good technical audit to ensure you’re not blocking good traffic from finding your content and products.

5-Add in some charts, lists, and infographics 

Visual content has amazing virality and longevity. The last twenty years of the Internet have taught people to scan and browse. Consider adding in product comparison charts, health-related infographics and even story photos of your manufacturing or lifestyle and product use. This will break up the copy and enrich visitors’ time on your website. (Pro Tip: use keyword alt tags for all these images.)

6-Speed up your site

Most people just don’t realize how they are wasting sales potential with slow loading pages. More importantly, Google will penalize you heavily for having a slow loading site.  Again, a technical audit can help you, but consider checking an online page loader today. 

7-Optimize for voice & mobile

Make your site faster. Make your website responsive- especially the product and landing pages, and get some help optimizing or natural language searches. Echos, Siris and Google voice assistants are growing exponentially and ignoring the fact that search queries are evolving will cost you sales.

BONUS TACTIC: Leverage structured data to improve your appearance (and rank) 

Structured data is an enhancement to your page source code that helps perfectly describe any page element. It’s basically like telling Google “this thing is a price“  or “this is a user rating.” To learn more go to Schema.org or JSON.org. Investing in this advanced technique can turn your organic listings into a powerful product feed.