10 Amazon Tactics for Health Brands to Sell a Lot More

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So you’re selling on Amazon. Great, you’re one of the millions of health products buried on the site trying to stand out. Here are 10 ideas you can work on today to get your products higher in the Amazon search results and get found even out on Google to drive health seekers directly to your product.

1-Write Great Product titles that are optimized for SEO

Shoppers are scanning dozens and sometimes hundreds of titles before they add to cart. They are looking for the keywords in their mind or what they searched on. The general rule is to be fully accurate in the title about the product you’re selling. Here’s an example of a good title for the Google search “infrared light pain”: This listing came up in 2nd place on Google. Good keyword-focused titles will get you a lot more natural traffic.

2-Make a great product description, detailed content, explain differentiation

Why should they buy this product from you?  There’s an axiom in the world of art sales- “tell the story, sell the painting.” In something as intangible as art, the color commentary makes the difference. It’s the same on Amazon. Tell the story of the quality of the product, the benefits they get from using it and from buying it from you. Add in a testimonial if you can. Don’t just put up product specifications and features. You’re going to be out marketed if you do.

3-Use professional product photos

At the very least getting a lightbox and use a tripod for your camera or iPhone. While lighting is key, don’t underestimate the power of hiring a pro to come in for a day if you’re selling a product repeatedly. They can make the product look warm and inviting. A lower quality phot cheapens an otherwise high-quality product.

4-Make sure your product description is set up to be searched

Make great use of accurate descriptive keywords in your titles and descriptive text.  20mg Quercetin may not sound differentiated but getting that in the product description is important if you want to be found on those searches. 

5-Use benefit bullet points (shopper scan, don’t just list features)

The sellers who write large paragraphs put themselves at a shopping disadvantage. Use bullets, bold and callouts to make the key benefits of your product stand out. The one who makes it easier on the shopper wins.

6-Give great customer service (delighting customers gets great reviews)

Your customer service- especially after the sale- makes all the difference. Don’t be hard to communicate with and give people their money back when they ask. Service is where you can really stand out and it will help your reviews.

7-Pay attention to pricing

Amazon is a shopper’s site. Customers get to see all your competitors. You don’t have to be the cheapest, but it’s hard to make sales if you’re just way out of the ballpark compared to others selling similar items. You can pick up more margins when you have exclusive products, but for the highly competitive inventory, live with lower margins to make sales.

8-Use the sale to create a customer relationship for lifetime sales

The ultimate strategy for every business is to build the repeat purchaser database. You’ll never be good at it unless you are tracking new customers and measuring how many become repeat customers after that first purchase.

9-Try out the Sponsored product ads

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic of people who are searching for similar items. Plus you can really limit your spending and risk as you test what works.

10-Work toward becoming a Featured Merchant and own the Buy Box

By developing consistency, giving great customer service and selling more than forty units per month.

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