Branding vs. DR in Health Brand Advertising: What’s the Difference?

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When you hear the words “marketing,” “branding,” or “advertising,” you may think that they are synonymous with each other. The truth is, while marketing does consist of using branding and advertising, there is a lot more than just that, and the way they are executed varies since they use quite different strategies. Not all advertising is the same, and by using branding vs DR marketing at the right times, you will get the most new health customers for your budget.

So what is the difference? Read on to learn what branding vs DR  marketing is in advertising for your health brand.

How to Use Branding in Health Brand Advertising

Branding is all about awareness. People usually associate a brand with an image (preferably that also uses white space), or with certain music such as a jingle, or perhaps a specific product.

The goal of branding is to set the tone and communicate a feeling about your company and brand. It positions your products to be different. While your company may sell similar products as a competitor, it is how each company brands itself that communicates the values and overall feeling that a consumer gets from the company.

For example, while McDonalds and Burger King are both fast-food businesses, their branding, all the way from their logo to the messaging and tone of voice they use in their marketing, is quite different. You want to brand your business in a way that communicates how you want consumers to feel about your health business.

How to Get Your Brand Noticed in Industry?

To get your brand noticed and make consumers aware of your business. You want to buy media based on CPM (cost per mille) and reach. How much will it cost to reach a certain number of possible customers? The only downside of buying media to help your brand awareness is that this approach is often used to fake a brand, rather than to just communicate an authentic one.

That is why the key to effective branding is clever creativity that speaks to and inspires your audience. You need to truly understand your ideal customer, and make sure your branding aligns with their thoughts, wants, and needs.

How to Use Direct Marketing in Health Brand Advertising

Direct marketing is a specific type of advertising that is waged on customer responses and sales. In fact, the direct sales industry has grown so much over the last decade that there are over 60 million sales consultants contributing to $114 billion in sales–and 23% of the direct sales product base is in the health and wellness products industry.

The goal of any successful direct marketing campaign is to have an effective MROI. It means marketing return on investment and cost per sale. The goal should be determined before launching the campaign so that once the campaign runs, you can determine its success.

Ultimately, while the main goal of branding is awareness, the main goal of direct marketing is to get leads and make sales. All the tactics that are used in direct marketing, such as the ad, the landing page, and product description, are written with the goal of making sales in mind.

Sales Tactics that Will Help in Campaign:

Successful direct marketing requires a persuasive copy that highlights the benefits of your brand’s products for the consumer highlighted. There are also other sales tactics weaved into the campaign. With heavy use of offers that may use scarcity with deals. Such as limited time offers that pour on the value to inspire consumers to act now.

Direct marketing relies on the efficiency of sales since marketing channels all compete for the budget. The key is to measure everything for each part of the funnel. And more so that you know which works most effectively for the best use of your marketing budget. By testing out different creative, copy, landing pages, and offers, you will learn how to make the best, most successful direct marketing campaigns for your business.

The internet has made direct marketing explode due to its measurability. “Impressions “ on the web are far less valuable than in broadcast, but clicks and sales speak for themselves. The good news is, those types of responses are very trackable. Now that more than half of all ad dollars in the US are spent online. The need to track more and optimize more is evident.

Should I Focus on Branding or Direct Marketing?

Bottom line: If you have a unique product or a clearly defined target audience. Forget branding and go directly for direct marketing sales.  A big secret is, when you’re doing direct marketing, you are buying more media for your budget. And you get a lot of brand awareness as a by-product!