Is Your Health Brand Making Any of These 7 Common Amazon Mistakes?

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You’re costing yourself sales and brand equity if you are doing any of these 7 amateur amazon mistakes. Here’s a quick list to audit your e-commerce program: 

  1.     Neglecting inbound marketing / no marketing strategy

Once you’re up on Amazon it’s easy to get lost in a sea of competition. You can goose sales from sponsored ads or even driving from marketing outside of Amazon.

  1.     Not putting keywords in descriptions

To show in Amazon AND Google searches is a big deal.

  1.     Improper/poor product descriptions

Work on this, please. Better, keyword-sensitive descriptions attract more traffic and convert more buyers.  Comprehensive descriptions give the impression you’re a safer company to buy from. 

  1.     Manipulating reviews- including asking customers to leave positive reviews.

Are there fake reviews on Amazon? Yes. Is it easy to see through? Yes. Is it possible to delist it? Yes. Don’t do it. Integrity is a long-term strategy.

  1.     Pricing mistakes- a lower price on Amazon than directly on your site

In the world of larger multi-channel companies, it is known as channel conflict. If you lower the price on Amazon and don’t match on your site, you’ll quickly train the public to become Amazon’s customer and not yours. 

  1.     Poor customer service

Great customer service is always a differentiator and will reflect in your buyer ratings. This is one of those mess with the bull, get the horns topics. Almost every person you provide poor delivery or follow-up service to with be highly motivated to slam you on Amazon. 

  1.     Charging/ Overcharging for shipping

Sneaking in high shipping costs (or higher than normal) never works. People will drive five miles to save $0.10 a gallon on gas. Shipping and handling costs are the same way.