Top Food Attributes that Sell to Health-Conscious Consumers

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Health Brands – have you ever wondered what top ingredients customers look for when purchasing brands? If you haven’t, it’s something I recommend you research! Health-conscious consumers are becoming more familiar with how the nutrition market works, marking certain food attributes off their list when pondering a purchase. 

What are those Food Attributes? 

Believe it or not, some are things that you may have guessed before reading this article, but some are categories that you would have never considered to be so crucial to a customer. 

Here’s a list of the food attributes to emphasize from the 2019 Report on Retail Contributions to Health and Wellness:  

  • Organic (97%)
  • Gluten-free (93%)
  • Local (80%) 
  • Low Sodium (60%)
  • Heart Healthy (60%) 

The list above includes the various elements ranked from most significant to least significant when impacting a consumer’s purchase. 

Why are these the most important? 

If you think about it, each food attribute insinuates that the consumer will be one step closer to living or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, with social media dominating the information world, it’s easy for people to learn about what is healthy and what isn’t. People are becoming more and more aware of how products can affect their health, and many are beginning the process to take control of it – and those elements are the keys to do so.

Above is an example of an Organic White Long Grain Rice found by Lundberg Family Farms, an organic rice brand found at Whole Foods. 

If a consumer was looking for rice that included some of the top ingredients in the list mentioned earlier, I guarantee this product would be at the top of their purchase list. 

Ok, I know the characteristics my audience looks for, now what? 

Now that you know what people are looking for, it’s best to reallocate your marketing efforts based on the list. If you have an organic product and 97% of health-conscious consumers search for that word, why wouldn’t you put it?

So many brands spend extra dollars marketing the way that the company sees the best fit. When business owners should be listening to what consumers want to see while shopping for new products. There’s no doubt about it – observing consumers’ wants and needs can save you a few extra bucks. While figuring out where to allocate resources. 

If anything, I want you all to remember this – we live in a consumer-driven world. So our marketing efforts should cater to them. Consumers are the reason for your revenue and the way to establishing your business’s repertoire as a healthy, loyal brand.