Quit Making Health-Conscious Consumers Skeptical

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The healthy living arena is steadily growing, with a variety of products readily available for consumers to purchase. As owners of health-related businesses, it’s essential to be wary of how products any of your brand’s products present to the public. In laymen’s terms: quit making health-conscious consumers skeptical.  

Why are consumers becoming more skeptical?

Since the market is becoming more and more competitive, some brands are turning to unfair measures to gain potential consumers.  Nowadays, we see more products with low quality images and a lack of creativity in design and solutions. Not to mention, with the rise of third-party marketplaces like Amazon, you don’t know where the products are manufactured and if they genuinely are infused with healthy things like vitamins and essential minerals.

Not only do consumers have to worry about the sketchy branding, but they also lack medical-grade data to support their claims; this in itself can pose a massive problem for those who make purchases based on ingredients. Think about it: if you were looking for an all-natural or organic shampoo that didn’t have sulfate, would you only look at the front of the bottle, or would you turn it over to the back to see if it contains sulfate?  

Below is a picture from Sprouts Farmers Market of Giovanni’s Tea Tree Tripple Threat Shampoo. As you can see, the product claims to be organic and vegetarian, but they have the ingredients freely listed for those interested in purchase. 

How do I assure my customers that the product is healthy and right for them?

The best way to gain your customer’s trust is by being creative, clear. Providing all of the information that they need. There’s no point in hiding the fact that you may or may not have certain chemicals in your product. There’s still a market for those who are not specifically looking for health-based products. 

We understand that the competition is tough. But sometimes the best way to sell a customer is by your brand being transparent and unique. Make sure you have a creative person. Or your team creating a unique voice for your brand through imagery, slogans, phrases, and graphics. If you’re not a well-known brand yet, follow social media trends, enhance your hashtag strategy, and get testimonials to support your brand. 

If you allocate resources to the right areas of marketing, you will see the results you are looking for. Trust me, thinking outside the box. Being entirely honest may not seem easy. It’s guaranteed to make your brand grow into something even greater than you could have imagined.