7 Social Media Hacks for Health Brands

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Positioning on social media hacks is mission-critical, especially in attracting younger demographics. Invest the time and creative space in figuring out how to make social media work for your health brand, and you can carve out an unshakable advantage with these seven strategies.

Social media is what the internet was for the world 20 years ago. Simply put, social media is and will continue to redefine how we buy. 

With health brands flooding the market, your social media following will determine if you can drive sales. 

Consumers won’t buy from you unless you have the social proof to justify their purchase. Ignore your social media profiles and you could be inadvertently turning away thousands of consumers.

43% of marketers agree that social media is the most important marketing area to expand to grow sales over the next 5 years.

How do you upgrade your social media hacks to be a sales-driving machine?

Use these seven hacks.

     1. Get user-generated content.

The more you can show your customers using your products, the more social proof and engagement you can create. Running competitions that invite users to share pictures of themselves using your products or encouraging the use of a certain hashtag are highly effective ways to build greater brand awareness.

     2. Provide sneak peeks.

Your social media followers want to feel like they are part of an elite group. They want curated content that fits their interests. They want to feel special. They want to be the first to know. Leveraging live videos to share new product announcements or giving a behind-the-scenes tour to tease new ideas keeps your social media profiles active.

      3. Hone in on the right platform.

Choose your social media profiles wisely. You must know where your target customers are. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or even SnapChat, pick the best platform and invest in growing that vertical first. The last thing you want to do is dedicate resources to a social media platform that your customers don’t use.

     4. Stay on their timelines.

The days of posting once a week are long gone. With over 1,500 posts on the average Facebook feed every day, if you’re not posting consistently, then you’re invisible to your audience. At the bare minimum, you must post every day on Facebook and at least 5-8 times on Twitter every day. And, the more video content you can post, the higher the views you can achieve.

     5. Bring your brand to life.

Don’t hide behind your brand. Customers want to connect with you and know who you are. Showcase your employees, share pictures of your workplace, and find ways to humanize your brand. Do you support a social cause? If so, post about your charitable work. These elements make your brand feel more personable and can build brand loyalty.

Image via WordStream

In this example, SweetGreen focuses on the impact of its healthy school food initiative and showcases a real elementary school student – not just a stock photo in speaking about the program.

     6. Post relevant content outside of your brand.

The empowered consumer wants information that is both compelling and educational. The best way to give them this is by curating trending content. Not only does this feed your followers’ information addiction, but it also keeps your brand’s pages immediately relevant.

     7. Stay current with what’s happening.

Consumers don’t want to be sold through your social media posts. They want to simply feel connected to your brand. If every post feels too sales, you will lose engagement. And if your social media profiles don’t feel real, it will be hard to grow your following. That’s why it is essential to post about what is happening in the world. Celebrating world holidays, posting about current events, commenting on trending topics are all ways to make your profiles feel more authentic.

Bonus Hack: Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Social media is all about visuals, especially on Instagram. If you aren’t using high-resolution images on all of your posts, then you’re being overlooked. The more creative the image, the higher the post engagement. And you don’t need to use a lot of texts on each post either. Aim for 80 characters or less and your posts will fit into the consumer’s already limited attention span.

Social media is and will continue to be king. Want to sell more? Get on social media. Want to increase brand awareness? Get on social media hacks. Want to know where your market is headed? Get on social media. 

It’s that simple.