Consumers Concerned – Market Clean, Healthy Ingredients

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We all have the guilty pleasure of indulging in our favorite restaurants from time to time. Still, as the world moves towards a healthy life, it’s impossible to be profitable without a restaurant marketing your most nutritious options!

Regardless of the world’s current circumstances, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed: individuals’ dedication to maintaining a health-focused lifestyle through exercise and good nutrition. In 2018, L.E.K. Consulting conducted a food and beverage survey with over 1,600 people participants. Nearly 63% of the participants agreed that they enjoy eating healthy a good portion of the time. So based on that survey, it’s almost sure that not everybody goes for the greasiest, beefiest burger they can find when searching the menu. 

What’s the best way of Restaurant Marketing for consumers? 

Every restaurant is different and should emphasize what makes their restaurant unique and attractive to its potential consumers. However, it is beneficial to elaborate on the clean ingredients infused throughout the restaurants’ dishes. Perhaps you are not the owner of a food spot that caters entirely to vegan; it doesn’t mean you can’t offer a few entrees that fulfill their diet. 

Take a look at the example below.

Panera Bread is a chain restaurant with over 2,000 stores today in the U.S. Their menus range from soups, salads, and a variety of sandwiches – but most importantly, they also provide consumers with a choice. Whether you enjoy delicious bread, tasty meat, or search plant-based foods, you have a choice. And that’s what people love the most – those willing to offer options.

What are some tips to help reach more health-conscious consumers?

The best way to attract new health-conscious consumers is by being transparent with ingredients. Speak of the advantages of accompanying foods, maybe even offer a section on your menu that caters to pescatarians, low-calorie intake entrees, or vegan-friendly dishes. 

Speak to your consumers using terms they understand and reference credible organizations. Like the USDA and Servsafe to validate your items’ safety and legibility further. Consider curate advertisements that highlight those references, great ingredients, and hygienic practices to resonate in the hearts of those health-conscious customers. 

It is evident before, during, and after Covid, health will always be a concern for many. Most will continuously seek ways to maintain their healthy lifestyle. If restaurant owners learn to adapt to diet-focused consumers’ needs, then your business will surely grow.