Marketing Fitness Equipment to Consumer Segments

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If you are an owner of a business that offers fitness equipment or services – I have a little secret for you. Have you ever wondered how smaller, new brands and other similar products end up on your social media feeds? Well, they use customer segmentation to make it happen. 

What’s customer segmentation For Fitness Equipment?

Customer segmentation is a marketing strategy that involves grouping the general audience into categories. By having separate groups, you can tailor messages to buyers based on factors like geography, gender, age, and interests. Further, you can market your products or services in ads and emails to people who are more likely to like what you have to offer by default. Using this method will not only increase your business visibility but drive more customer engagement and sales. 

Below is an example of the most popular categories for restaurant customer segmentation. Regardless of the industry, It’s typical to see geographic, demographic, behavioral, and psychological as the most common and useful.

How do I incorporate it into my marketing strategy? 

How do you get the ball rolling with this strategy? It’s simple: research your audience. If you don’t have a method in place to learn why your consumers purchase your products, make one! An easy multiple choice question or survey that asks for the reason they are purchasing your product can help. 

After you review the similarities, see if they match with the people you intend on targeting your advertisements to – then you’re good to go. More often than not, business owners do not take the time to listen to their customers; but the key to a successful marketing strategy is incorporating what people want to see. So, if you have a fire protein shake that’s great for the person looking to build lean muscles, it may be best for you to target people who have interest in fitness; if you want to get a little more granular with your method, look into the age groups that enjoy fitness. By doing this, you may have an even better chance at winning over a new customer. 

It’s helpful to consider using a customer relationship management system that helps you tag customers differently. A person can fall in more than one category, so you’ll want to make sure they get as much exposure to your products as possible. When you see something repeatedly, you’ll begin to remember the brand name, the product that caught your attention, or the advertisement itself; and if you can remember how the ad made you feel, you’ll remember it when it’s time to purchase.