5 Health and Wellness Marketing Ideas to Improve Audience Connection

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What are the best marketing ideas for health and wellness? 

When it comes to promoting your health and wellness brand, there is a lot of creative marketing ideas to concentrate on the top of your funnel. Once your marketing funnel is working well, the question then becomes how to feed that funnel with high-quality traffic at a reasonable cost. 

One of the ways that you can focus on acquiring this traffic is to, in effect, use other people’s traffic.

There are several ways to tap into existing audiences in the marketplace, namely through sponsorships, influencers, and celebrity endorsements.

Here are five health and wellness marketing ideas to improve your audience connection.

  1. Support or Sponsor a Health or Wellness Cause
  2. Create a Viral Contest or Competition in Support of a Worthy Cause
  3. Land a Celebrity Endorsement
  4. Showcase Your Products & Services Online
  5. Using Social Media in Health and Wellness Marketing

Support or Sponsor a Health or Wellness Cause

On the national level, partnering with a large health nonprofit or a large healthcare provider to sponsor an event or initiative can introduce your brand to an exponentially larger audience and create trust signals for your company by that type of strategic alignment. While this is ultimately a brand marketing play, you can still leverage some direct response tactics in concert with this. One simple way to match sales results to a brand campaign like this would be to create a unique offer code that ties-in to your online sales efforts. Sponsored events, even in a time where marketing has been shaped by the pandemic are a viable way to diversify your budgets.

Support or Sponsor a Health or Wellness Cause

Create a Viral Contest or Competition in Support of a Worthy Cause

In a similar fashion to the previous example, creating a contest or a competition to support a worthy cause is another great brand play that can boost visibility and bring more traffic to your marketing funnel. Because content drives so much of awareness marketing, you’ll have to spend a significant amount of time and resources to create both a strategy and an execution plan to create and promote the content you’ll need to generate interest in this type of initiative.

In terms of measurability, you shouldn’t think of this tactic as a standalone. Perhaps you situate this in concert with other marketing tactics and customer journey maps that give something like a contest or a competition more of a concrete purpose — like list building, for instance. Buying traffic that converts into a subscriber is still a valuable tactic.

Land a Celebrity Endorsement

If you want to generate buzz, traffic, and some level of credibility, all at the same time, you can look at celebrity endorsements and influencer marketing as a viable way to market your health and wellness brand. That said, this is a delicate matter that has to be handled very conscientiously.

Choosing an influencer that represents your values and can work with your brand should not be glossed over. Be sure that you’re aligning your brand with the right kind of influence that will help you grow, not just make noise.

Showcase Your Products & Services Online

Are you making the most of all the digital real estate that’s available?

When it comes to selling online, there are a lot of places where you can position your products so that your ideal buyers will find them.

From Amazon to Google Shopping to paid search ads to shoppable posts on social platforms & YouTube, you’ve got to show up where the customers are looking to buy.

It’s not enough to espouse the Field of Dreams mentality in marketing: if you build it, they will come.

Because they won’t.

In addition to your owned web properties, you’ve got to make use of the paid properties that align with your audience’s behavior.

Using Social Media in Health and Wellness Marketing

Major players in the health space are leveraging content and social media to drive entire campaigns for their brands, and there’s no sign of that stopping any time soon.

Social Media in Health and Wellness Marketing

As mentioned above, content is the “stuff” of campaigns outside of your conversion funnels. People are curious by nature, and content, well-executed, serves two functions: to satisfy that curiosity and to educate them on your brand’s unique selling proposition.

Creating content and distributing it across social channels and through organic means is still a proven, reliable way to build authority, attract more visitors, and convert traffic into customers.

Explaining Health And Wellness Consumer Segments

When it comes to understanding your buyer segments, it’s all about data. Data can tell us who your customers are, what types of behaviors they engage in, what they value and so much more than just raw demographics.

Segmentation is really key to ensuring that you serve the right kinds of messaging and content to the right audiences.

This is also a way to keep a closer eye on your ad spend as well. by ensuring that your ads are served up to the right eyes and not to a diluted pool of irrelevant traffic.

How to Sell Health Products Online?

Health and wellness brands have historically fallen behind the innovation curve when compared to traditional digital retailers and eCommerce brands. The good news? These brands have already paved the way and made mistakes that you won’t have to.

If you’re not already selling online, there are a few things to consider.

  1. How will you set up your store and order fulfillment?
  2. How will you market your products?

In terms of marketing your health and wellness products online, setting up a conversion funnel requires that you cover customer touchpoints in creative ways and ensure that you’re also able to follow up.

At the top of the funnel, social media is a great way to get in front of prospects who may be a good fit for your products. For a warmer audience who knows what they’re looking for, paid search and Google shopping ads can ensure that you show up for the key terms that matter.

At the bottom of the funnel, you can retarget users. These includes who’ve seen or interacted with your ads using social media remarketing or display retargeting tactics.

Once users have clicked through to your web properties. It’s essential to apply direct response tactics on your landing pages and in your email sequences. Be sure that your calls to action are clear, descriptive, and easy to follow. And you’re doing your due diligence to increase average order value through bundling products or making supplementary offers.

With your email follow up sequences. You have the opportunity to convert the traffic you’ve already paid for. And increase your average order value here as well.

How Can Digital Marketing Help Health and Wellness Business?

Executing all of these tactics will take a lot of effort and expertise. If you’ve got a great in-house marketing team. You may still need a seasoned digital marketer to help you strategize and follow through on your campaigns. Making the best use of your data and analytics is critical to your success. I get asked these kinds of questions over and over. And these are the things we’re seeing that work in the marketplace.

If you need help for what next step is right for you in your business. I’d be happy to work with you. Drop me a line or check out my consulting options to get started.