Direct to Consumer & E-Commerce are the Health Brand Strategy Now

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As most people are still in quarantine and trying to keep social distancing, online shopping stays extremely relevant and effective for consumers to get the goods that they want and need. Yes, it’s true that once isolation is lifted, consumers will be screaming to get out of their homes and go shopping and eating out and more. But don’t kid yourself. This is a seminal change to the American context on home, family, health, self-care and, most of all, avoiding hospitals!

People’s priority on the health of themselves and their loved ones is higher than ever, and direct-to-consumer (DTC) e-commerce sites have the advantage when it comes to providing the healthy products people are increasingly buying. Your health brand selling through DTC and e-commerce is the new strategy; it is not only effective during times such as the COVID-19 health crisis, but will continue to be the best approach for your brand moving forward.

Own your customers and potential customers

Having a DTC brand means that you “own” your customers. They aren’t purchasing your products because they are a customer at a store and came across something you sell–they are buying your products because they want your specific brand.

When consumers are purchasing directly from your website, you gain better insights into their buying behaviors. This allows you to more easily build your email lists, as well as segment and find better customers. You are able to see what type of people are purchasing directly for you, so you can then go out and segment to market to others like your best current customers, allowing your email file and customer list to keep growing.

Achieve better margins and cash flow

Having an e-commerce website with a direct-to-consumer brand doesn’t only create better, more loyal customers, but it also makes for better margins. There is no middle man with a DTC business model, so you can cut out added expenses.

You are also able to get much better cash flow since consumers’ credit card information is collected before shipping. No more waiting for your return.

Improve products and strategic marketing

With e-commerce, you are able to better understand what people are buying and why people are buying your products. You can improve your product mix directly and create products focused on customer feedback and customer data. This allows you to scale at your pace, or even much faster.

With these insights, you can sell more complex products like exercise products, subscription delivery services, and more.

Keep a successful business model

Put simply, e-commerce is the business model for today and the future. During this pandemic, the stores got shut down–delivery and DTC did not. With unexpected events occurring in the world, you never know when something to this extreme may happen again. Ensure that your business stays safe despite what can occur, and help get your online DTC brand noticed so it is a go-to for consumers at any time.