5 Operational Things Response Mine Health Did That Worked That You Can Use

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  1. We moved 85 people to remote a week before the news really hit. See the video here.
  2. Insisted employees use the video on most calls and all meetings. It humanizes them, dissolves remote feeling, and warms the conversation because of setting, pets, kids, etc.
  1.   Implemented a daily company bulletin. Birthdays, client news, employee shoutouts, humor/ memes. Everyone loves it. Makes employees feel connected.

   Here’s one of the memes:

  1.   We insisted everyone keep all standard weekly meetings. No loss of process & workflow. Kept up communications. Helped employees keep busy and stay with their routines.
  1.   Management check-ins.  I as the CEO have been calling every employee personally. Speaking to people I never really knew. It gives me a chance to express appreciation, and I have learned a
    lot about the specific things individuals are working on.  IT makes ME more connected than I ever was in the office, and I am getting feedback about how appreciated it is.