Part 10: The Undeniable Trend of Undoctoring for Health Brands

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There’s a seismic shift quietly redefining the entire health brands and health marketplace. The days of “doctor knows best” are being replaced with ways to keep the doctor away.

Consumers are more informed. Doctors are now the second “options.” 

And health brands are cashing in.

What’s causing this massive disruption?


And, the power that it gives consumers to manage their own health isn’t the only reason you should take note. It’s what undoctoring is doing to patient preferences and demands that make it a force to be reckoned with.

There are two undeniable reasons why undoctoring cannot be ignored.

The Demand for Control

A doctor’s expertise pales in comparison to the power of search engines. 

Consumers aren’t satisfied anymore with waiting for answers. And, they don’t have to thanks to the Internet. 

With the ability to research their symptoms, self-diagnosis, and compare medical treatments all online — consumers have taken back control over their health. The new reality is this – going to the doctor has become optional. 

And, this isn’t changing anytime soon as 44% of consumers skip the doctor, even when they need medical treatment.

Add in recent federal regulations requiring complete medical pricing transparency and you have the perfect storm…

A consumer who knows exactly what they want and how much they are willing to pay for care. Before long, the interaction between patient and doctor may end up taking place across a negotiating table, rather than in an exam room.

The Demand for More Options

Health alternatives and lifestyle changes have taken precedence. 

While doctors continue struggling to attract patients, the wellness industry has exploded to a $4.2 trillion industry worldwide. If you’re been in business, as long as I have, this boom in a new disruptive industry is no surprise. Companies that can pivot to quickly meet changing consumer demands will win. And, health brands are no exception to this rule.From yoga to new diet lifestyles to wearable tech to mobile apps, consumers no longer rely on doctors to improve their health outcomes. 

Instead, they can go to the companies they trust to best manage all aspects of their lives. Capitalizing on this wave will depend on how you structure your marketing to attract the newly empowered healthcare consumer.

Digital marketing meets the empowered consumer

Taking a page out of the direct response and retail marketing playbooks could be a step in the right direction. With the healthcare industry, spending less than 3% in digital ad spend, well-positioned health brands can leverage proven digital marketing techniques to carve out a sizable piece of the market.

Health brands are poised to win

The writing is on the wall. 

Consumers are finding ways to meet their health goals in ways that are both meaningful and relevant to them. They don’t want to be lectured by medical professionals, forced into costly treatments, or convinced to take medications. Instead, consumers are assuming a new level of control over their health and their lives. 

And, they want to buy directly from the companies they trust.

That’s why health brands built around empowering consumers with great products will be the biggest winners. The key will be in using proven direct response marketing strategies to get your brand front and center. 

How exactly to empower your health brand to drive greater consumer engagement and acquisition is what I’ve done for over 20 years. Undoctoring is here to stay. 

So, the question becomes: what will you do now to be successful?