13 Point Measurement Scorecard for Health Brands

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The digital age has revolutionized how accurately health brands can wage marketing. That is why you can track everything from how well your ads get viewed to response rates, leads generated, and of course, sales.  However, knowing which ad “worked” and which ad didn’t is empowering. So, you save money and can grow faster. So, here’s a basic scorecard on how to be very good at tracking and measuring your marketing.

13 Point Measurement Scorecard

Marking Measurement (X%)(Measuring Marketing Drives ROI)

– In order to produce Meausreable ROI, I have some Budget.
– I know how many site visits & marketing messages are required to drive a sale.
– We have ROI performance baselines by channel (PPC vs. paid social, etc.)
– Have an in-store multiplier for my brick-and-mortar locations.
– I know that different products and/or services drive different ROI.
– Assure to have different return goals based on the product of the category.
– Measure the funnel from passive engagement (email sign-up to active conversion (sale)).
– Care about multi-channel attribution.
– Scientifically calculate multi-channel attribution.
– Track based on last-click by source.
– Use my marketing reports to optimize media.
– My boss and senior executives review our marketing reports.

Remember, don’t let perfection be the enemy of being productive. As well as, some things like “multichannel attribution” can be complex and require modeling and external retail collaboration. So, track what you can for now and set a plan to improve the accuracy and breadth of marketing measurement over time.