Why Now is the Greatest Moment in Time for Health Brands

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With technology revolutionizing how consumers interact with brands, the barrier to entry for direct-to-consumer companies is all but eliminated. Here are the top reasons why now is the perfect time for health brands to dominate.

In business, timing is everything. Get into the market at the right time and you could watch your sales soar. Miss the prime time to get into an industry and you’ll go bust. But, now is the ideal time for health brands to take over.


Consumers are frustrated with rising medical costs. Consumers don’t trust food manufacturers or Big Pharma. Consumers feel empowered to improve their own health outcomes. Consumers want to live longer and are willing to invest in their health to do so.

What does all this really mean?

Health brands can and will capture this changing consumer sentiment.

How, you might ask?

By positioning themselves as a convenient, effective, and affordable alternative.

And health brands can use direct response marketing to upset the entire health and wellness industry.

There are three key reasons why the time is ripe for a health brand takeover.

  • The internet has eliminated the barrier to entry.

The days of having to spend tens of thousands of dollars to develop comprehensive go-to-market strategies before launching your company are numbered. A health brand startup can enter the market with just a well-established social media account. Even leveraging videos on YouTube can help a brand break out and start generating sales and grow their brand awareness.

  • Health brands have direct access to consumers.

With robust online tools, health brands can easily determine the exact channels their consumers use and get in front of them for pennies on the dollar. Simply by leveraging native ads, segment marketing, and targeted social media posts, health brands can go directly to consumers in a matter of minutes. And they don’t have to rely on retail space to grow their sales. In fact, some of the most successful health brands have no retail footprint at all. As online shopping has become the preferred way to shop, brands that offer an easy online shopping experience can quickly dominate.

  • Their products are what consumers want.

Tap into mass desire and you won’t have to worry about your sales. And this is exactly what health brands are doing. Consumers want to live healthier lives. Consumers want to have control over their health. Consumers want convenience.

And 73% of consumers with children are actively looking for food products with a clear health benefit.

Health brands produce organic, clean-eating, and health-promoting products and services that seamlessly fit exactly what consumers are already looking to buy. 

The real secret to their success?

Direct response marketing.

Health brands can cut out the retail middleman and get their products in front of the right customers, at the right time, with highly effective direct marketing messages.

Exploiting an Untapped Strategy

Despite direct marketing being 78% effective in reaching your target audience, companies are not investing in this strategy. With 50% of companies decreasing their direct mail campaigns, this leaves the door wide open for health brands, especially those with a niche, local appeal.

That’s just the direct mail opportunity. Health brands can also exploit the power of online direct marketing by posting the right content their customers want to read.

The key for your health brand is to incorporate personalization in all marketing efforts to lure consumers in with benefits-driven marketing messages. Do this and your health brand will be positioned to do very well.