Core Competencies for Health Marketing

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How To Become Highly Effective at Marketing to Health Consumers

Most health brands are finding success in some channels and with some tactics in direct marketing. Most companies however are avoiding certain strategies or channels because they can’t seem to make them work for the goals they have set in place. Need to learn more about health marketing core competencies?

New Core Competencies at Marketing

In today’s highly competitive digital marketplace, brands don’t have the luxury of only focusing on a few marketing channels. To compete, you must develop all competitive channels. This means you need new core competencies.

One of our longstanding clients has grown to dominate paid search, affiliate channels, and operates a substantial programmatic display media campaign. These channels deliver thousands of new customers monthly. But for several years we had trouble efficiently generating new customers from Facebook. Thanks to a little luck and good hiring practices, we happened to bring a media buyer on board who insisted “Facebook can work, let me try.”

Well, as you can predict, Eli had a core competency at buying and optimizing Facebook media buys. He grabbed a TV commercial and cut it into 15-second videos and started hyper-targeting consumers. By the end of the first month, he was delivering new customer appointments for the client at a wonderfully low cost. Eli brought his Facebook expertise into the team and now this channel is growing successfully for our client.

Right now, you and your team are avoiding something like landing page testing, offer testing, customer database targeting, or even a foundational DTC strategy like SEO to deliver more health customers.

My advice is to make a list of things you wish your brand was successful at, in terms of marketing, and work on developing those skills. Do whatever it takes, whether that consists of watching videos, hiring a consultant or agency, or something else.  

Role of Core Competencies in your Marketing:

When you think in terms of “core competencies”, then you will approach how and where you market very differently. You’ll also look to invest in your talent first, rather than other strategies that often only generate mediocre results. And leaves your brand invisible on some of the most profitable marketing channels.

Keep in mind that when you avoid certain marketing strategies or platforms. You’re inevitably leaving a large pool of potential customers for your competitors. The more you’re able to develop the core competencies within your team, the more differentiated your competitive advantage will become.

The web isn’t a channel, it’s a collection of dozens of platforms and channels. Each with their own technical demands and methods of getting performance out of them. So much of the joy in marketing is figuring out new ways to break through your volume and efficiency plateaus to take your sales to the next level. Keep driving and experimenting. All the knowledge you need to expand your markets and grow your customer base ten-fold are out there. You just need to develop the core competencies to own them!

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